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Paddle Features & Benefits

We’ve designed a lineup of paddles to suit each paddler’s unique style and preferences. To ensure you choose the best paddle for you and your family, here are some unique features and benefits to help you decide which is best for you.


Aluminum Shaft Paddles

Propel Paddle Gear, Aluminum shaft paddle

Paddle Size Chart

Choosing the correct size paddle is vitally important to your enjoyment of the paddling experience. Whether from the waterline in a kayak, above the water in a canoe, or standing on your paddle board, the correct length, shaft and blade combine to create the optimum experience.

Choosing the Correct Kayak Paddle Length

Easy to Install

Just how easy is it to install Propel Paddle Gear accessories? Our videos demonstrate just how easy it is to install accessories on your kayak, canoe or boat, as well as techniques for transport, safety tips and much more!
Propel Paddle Gear Videos are Coming Soon!