Paddle Features & Benefits

We’ve designed a lineup of paddles to suit each paddler’s unique style and preferences. To ensure you choose the best paddle for you and your family, here are some unique features and benefits to help you decide which is best for you.


Aluminum Shaft Paddles

Propel Paddle Gear, Aluminum shaft paddle

Aluminum shafted paddles are light weight and easy to use. They also come in a variety of colors enabling you to not only choose what feels good but what looks good too. They are perfect for any novice or intermediate paddler looking for a good time on the water.

Fiberglass Shaft Paddles

Propel Paddle Gear, Fiberglass shaft paddle

Fiberglass shafted paddles flex less than aluminum shafts so they offer a more solid feel when paddling. This will enable paddlers of any level, from novice to expert, a stronger, steadier stroke propelling them through the water. Fiberglass shafts are slightly heavier than aluminum but many paddlers prefer the “solid” feel, and love the durability of Fiberglass.

Carbon-Fiber Shaft Paddles

Propel Paddle Gear, Carbon-fiber shaft paddle

Carbon-Fiber shafted paddles perfectly blend the aluminum’s light weight with the rigid strength of fiberglass to form our highest quality performance paddle. Whether you’re heading out for a quick trip, fishing off the coast of California or paddling off on a week-long adventure – a carbon-fiber paddle is worth the investment.

Feather Offset Paddle Shaft

Feather Offset shafts rotate the blades so while one is in the water, the other is horizontal to the water. Thus it allows the blade out of the water to slice through any wind more easily. The ability to feather your paddles is essential for windy days on the water. All of our paddles offer feathering options in order to maximize your experience on the water – despite what Mother Nature throws at you.

We offer two feather offset options:

Propel Paddle Gear, Feather Offset shaft paddle

The first is a two-piece feather offset which allows paddlers to turn the blade simply by depressing a push-button & rotating 1 of the pieces forwards or backwards, depending on which hand they are. This feathering option is found on all our fixed length paddles.


Propel Paddle Gear, Feather Offset shaft paddle

The second is a fully articulating adjustable offset that is as easy as releasing the friction clamp, rotating your hands forwards or backwards to your desired offset & then close the friction clamp. This allows every paddler the ability to customize the offset to their exact preference. This feather option is found on all of our adjustable length paddles.