Shoreline Marine™ and Captain Weekend are changing the way you think about do-it-yourself marine accessories.

Captain Weekend, Loye Futch

Gone are the worries of how to properly install marine accessories on your boat or trailer. You can DO-IT-YOURSELF and be confident in the results with Captain Weekend here to guide you through the basics.

Loye Futch, “Captain Weekend” a twenty five year veteran of the marine industry and professional boat mechanic will instill complete confidence in you through Shoreline’s exclusive, easy to follow DIY installation and repair videos.

We’ve partnered with Loye and professionally produced an entire series of step-by-step, super simple videos that will walk you through the most popular maintenance, repair and installation projects that every DIY weekend boater needs to know to keep their prized possession well maintained with top quality Shoreline Marine products.

Shoreline’s “Captain Weekend” video series includes specific installation procedures, tricks and safety tips including everything from installing a bilge pump, boat seat, trailer essentials and all sorts of lighting to proper anchoring techniques and how to choose and install drain plugs. Installation of Shoreline Marine products is super easy if you know what to do. Our video series will give you the confidence to tackle many boat repair, maintenance and enhancement projects.